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roofing business blueprint youtubeHello, this is David Deschaine and this is my YouTube video marketing course, which I use to dominate the search engines, using videos. YouTube is one of the biggest places to get free traffic. Also building back links to your websites and blogs, it is incredible! And I’m going to go through this whole system with you and show you exactly how I do this.

YouTube Video Marketing Training Course

Now first of all, a little information about YouTube. This is the largest worldwide video sharing community online. It is the 4th largest website on the internet. YouTube has over 455 million users. There’s more than 2 billion videos viewed everyday on YouTube. It is the 3rd largest search engine. The first is Google, second is Facebook, Facebook just moved into second. And the 3rd is YouTube. Did you know that 5% of the time online is spent on YouTube? That’s how many people search YouTube. In their search engine, when someone is looking for something, they go to YouTube and they can watch video. Video is so powerful. I’m going to walk you through how to set up and create a YouTube account, as part of the roofing business blueprint.

Learn How To Get More Leads For Roofing Sales

I’m also going to show you how to set up a video using a flip cam video camera that we bought. Just to show you how this is done. Okay we’re going to have to go over to YouTube and set up a primary account. Real simple, it doesn’t cost anything it’s free to use. Go to Google and type in YouTube or you can go to We’ll go over there and like I said it doesn’t cost anything. We’ll click on “Create Account.” You will need an email address, your primary email address. So whatever you’re using for your primary email. Let me go here and I’ve got I’ll copy that and put that right in. and you’re user name, I’m going to go how about “Roofing blueprint.” What you want to try to do is add the keywords into your user name, like “roofing Texas”, “Roofing Maine” or “Roofing California” or whatever it is, go ahead and check that. Availability? It’s good.

roofing business blueprint - Youtube - Videos

Build Your Roofing Business With YouTube Video Marketing

Your zip code whatever your zip code is. They want your birth date. I don’t think they actually check it. Let’s see what we got here. And also you want to let others find your YouTube channel using your email which is great. Also if you want to receive communication with YouTube for anything go ahead and click on that. Then just click on accept terms. They’re going to go ahead and ask you to create a password. Go through and do that. And they’re going to have you create the cap-cha here so whatever the capt-cha is go ahead and put that in. sometimes they look a little funny letters so sometimes it takes a second. They went ahead and emailed me a copy of the confirmation YouTube Video Marketing.

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    David, this is an interesting product, but I have to say you really do make some great stuff.

    good night bro.



  2. Roofing Texas, 800-ROOF-ALL

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