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How To Create A Fanpage On Facebook

Today people spend more time than ever on social media websites, and if you ask a friend about what’s going on they say yes I did see that on Facebook. It is very important to you get started now with the social media before your competition does. we now are building a new program called social media roofer and will be out very soon.

Social Media Offers Free Roofing Estimates

Your Roofing business needs to get off the print ads and into the Social media network, and I wanted to make sure you get a copy of this video so you can learn how to create a free Facebook fan page. I added some videoing code that you guys can go ahead and copy and paste and add it to your fan page with your own video.

Facebook Has Now Passed Google For Overall Traffic

•Facebook now has over 750 million active users (now has more traffic than Google)

•Twitter now says over 250 million active users

•LinkedIn now has over 100 million active users

•Google+ has over 25 million active users and is (beta testing phase currently)

I wanted to make sure you get a copy of this in him and add more videos inside the members area inside the roofing business blueprint, we have just updated the new software for roofing estimator Pro desktop application. I went to keep adding more training videos so you guys can jump ahead of the competition. Let’s work together and build your roofing business to levels you’ve always wanted to reach.

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