Social Media Marketing For Roofers

Social Media Marketing for roofers in the Roofing Business Blueprint, and you are going to find out how simple it is to install brand-new Facebook timeline templates that have been created by a world-class graphic designer. We are including in the 28 page social media marketing e-book manual that will show you our secret method of getting floods of roofing leads from social media sites. Really you need to catch the next wave of marketing and that’s of the social media space, and if you miss out on this one now you are going get left behind big-time – Get The Complete Roofing Business Blueprint Only $197

Learn How To Use Social Media Marketing

The Roofing Business Blueprint has been completely updated, and some of the major updates are our roofing software which is the Roofing Estimator Pro desktop application, WordPress blog plug-in which now has its built-in article and content spinner. This is a huge update and have cost thousands of dollars to create this type of online marketing masterpiece. We are in the roofing business and we know what it takes to do a roof, I have some the best software engineers, PHP web designers that bring everything together to get you high quality graphics, websites, roofing software, and SEO systems that will allow you to get more roofing leads through the Internet.

Best Social Media Marketing

Best Social Media MarketingOur brand-new plug-in has also a custom SEO Optimizer which will show you what your blog is ranking at, and give you a complete snapshot all the items needed to create a blog post that will rank highly in the search engine’s. The better your ranking is in the search engines, the more roofing leads you’re going to get, and you know this. My financial advisers and accountants are asking me why don’t you raise the price of the roofing business blueprint what reason is because I want every roof or in America and beyond to get a copy of this Roofing Business Blueprint with our social media marketing program included. I know not all roofers can afford $997 or $500 but if I don’t give them what they need, they never will never succeed. So I included everything for YOU!

Facebook Timeline Templates Included

Facebook Timeline Templates IncludedHigh Quality Professional Graphics

We now have five modules in the Roofing Business Blueprint in the first one is a complete training video series that goes through the introduction of the course. We go over weighing out the foundation for your roofing business, setting goals and planning in building your management down-line. Then we go to level 3 in the training series that goes over completely marketing your roofing business, and the most important which is sales training and then rolling your job in the production. Then we going to the most important part of the business which is scaling or multiplying your efforts with our secret method they can only be revealed inside our training series – click on the link below

Social Media MarketingWe have the 155 page manual that will teach you everything that I have used to generate millions of dollars in my roofing business, and you can use the same techniques for your business. And then we have the most powerful roofing software that has everything you need to create professional looking estimates, keep track of all your customer data. But also keep track of your sales and forecasting for the powerful dashboard interface that’s easy to use, without having a college degree to figure out. We have made some step-by-step training videos we you can watch over my shoulder as we go through the program with a screen capture software. You have to have this if you own a roofing business, this is marketing for the 21st-century, and if you get left behind you’ll never catch up –  I Look Forward To Working With You

Roofing Software Update - David Deschaine

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  1. Ender Berett says:

    Thank you so much! I have been looking for a good roofing contractor marketing place for some time now, without much luck! It is really important to get ahead of the competition, since there is so much out there!

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