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SEO training with Dave Deschaine and I would like to welcome you to this dedicated page to help roofing contractors get more roofing leads, and make more sales. If you’re watching this video you one of the few that really care about working in building your online presence, and we work directly with contractors to help them with developing a marketing plan. If you are interested in working directly with David Deschaine and his crew of experience SEO and trainers, and video marketing professionals please contact us through e-mail here on the website or call us directly at 207-329-8699.

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Okay let’s get started now first of all which want talks SEO marketing and what that is is using search engine optimization. This is would Google the large search engines want to help rank websites and really to give their users the best content available. Now there are as many ways of scamming the Internet search giants but it won’t take long before you get caught. I worked directly with good old-fashioned SEO techniques which still work today, and will work in the future. Is just like building any business you want to stop from the foundation up, but the best thing is when you build these many websites or blogs they will be there for years. Join The Roofing Coaching Club

roofing business blueprint - roofing coaching clubBuilding Your Roofing Business

This is how you begin to build your online presence but also a long-lasting reputation, which your customers can help you develop new forms of reviews, and websites throughout the Internet that are specifically set up to be found by people searching for new roof job. We developed the Roofing Business Blueprint to help roofing contractors filled online presence but also a video training course with our specialized software programs, which helps you get more traffic to your website.

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I feel blog system includes using multiple blogs in your neighborhood, and have them pointing back to your main website. There is nothing wrong with checking local search directories or article marketing directories which can publish your written articles for your potential customers to find. Many times homeowners will search the Internet long before they will call a roofing contractor or fill out a free estimate form online. This is very important to build your online presence by using a very specific format that we have developed or tested with our own people to get the best action for more roofing estimates which generated the roofing sales.

Get More Roofing Leads – Make More Roofing Sales

Many of our training programs will give you the latest online marketing techniques, and the latest software which will help you with developing blogs easier by automating some of these processes. We are currently developing our own roofing contractor network blogging system which will completely automate the process of setting up a blog. All you have to do is fill in weekly post, but we recommend daily post of information that is going on with you roofing business, and potential specials you might be running that will get more customers to your website and asking for roofing estimates. once again this is David Deschaine with my SEO training,  and I appreciate your time and I wish you the best of luck in your roofing business… Click On The Banner Below To Get Your Copy Today!

Roofing Business Blueprint - David Deschaine

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