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Hello, this is David Deschaine from the roofing business blueprint. I wanted to give you some free training and its important stuff on getting free listings from Google. This is about claiming your business listing on Google Maps, opening a Google account and editing your roofing business listing. Now Google is actually the largest search engine online so you want to make sure to be in touch with these guys and get your free listing.
Okay were going to start with Google maps and Google Places.

This is where everybody goes and the steps you need to follow to get your Google ID. You’re going to have to go ahead and get a Google account if you have one, that’s great go ahead and get one set up. You’ll need to have this account to also log in, but also to help you claim your roofing business listing and without that you can’t register. So go over to Google, you’ll need to register with Google maps and you need to search for your company. And once again if you have that Google account, you’ll have to go in and sign in, claim your business listing, it’s free it doesn’t cost you anything. You will need to edit your business listing afterward’s so we’ll go through and do that.

roofing business blueprint - google places
Now once you’re on the Google places, you’ll click on Google and click on get started. That will bring you over to where you go to list your business and you want to claim it. Once again it’s free. Pretty straight forward, just go through and do that. Create your Google account, go through set up your email address, password, choose a password, first you’ll need to click on create account. And then go over and just do that, it’s real simple. It takes a couple minutes and before you know it you’re done, and then your online video marketing will begin.

Roofing Business Blueprint Google Places

Once you register you’re in Google maps and you’ll need to go and search for your company. Now what I’m going to do is bring you through and show you exactly how I do this. let me click on this here, were going to go to Google. We’ll type in Google Maps, okay we’ll go through that and that will link in with that as well. Get into your account and you go to Google places, that will bring you in. let’s see I had Google maps, so we’ll just click on Google Maps. You always want to go in there, you know this is a great way to type in your business, whatever you business is. Type in, let’s see here. This was an old company that i had, and we still have the old phone number so were going to change that right now. So there it is, that’s the one that I have. What I’m going to do is go ahead and click on that. What I’m going to do is edit that so what I need to do is sign in, so let’s go to sign in.

Locate Your Roofing Business In Google Places

roofing business blueprint - google4
I’ll do it right in front of you guys so you know how to do this. And let’s see what we have here. we have David Deschaine, sign right in. and this is pretty straight forward its really simple to do. What were going to do is either claim your business, or set it all up. But I’m going to go ahead and list your business. it’s going to ask you typically what phone number. And I do have this one, this was an old phone number that we had. We’re just going to go ahead and re-direct it. It says yes, this is the name so we’re going to go edit listing.

Google Listing & Google Maps

I wanted to show you guys, so you can do this, show you how easy it is. I’m going to go ahead and take this out. It’s going to give you the listing over here with the address and everything. So ill just put in David Deschaine roofing company. There we go. I’ll just change that. That’s our commercial building we’ll put that under this one over here. It’s going to ask for email address so we’ll go ahead and put all that stuff in. now just go through set up you whole account, real easy to do. you have to put the http:// in, okay, description, professional roofing contractor.

Roofing Business Blueprint Google Training

Go in put all your information about all that stuff, everything you have. of course were going to be roofing contractor, perfect. of course it’s going to ask you business hours, I operate my business. I mean you can put it 8-5, 9-5, whatever your time is. I’m just going to click on, specific times, I’ll leave that open. You’ll add your payment options, cash, check, visa, MasterCard, whatever you take, financing, PayPal, whatever you have. 9-5 is good; we’re actually open till 8. you know the crews are all getting started early but we’ll open the office up at 8, that sounds good. And real simple to set up, go right through this. Bring you step by step with this so you can see how it’s done. I thought this was a good important thing to bring you through all this and let you see all this. This is free. You know that, most people search online, about 82% of people search online for stuff. And if you’re not listed in any of this, it doesn’t work. let’s see, does not clear the marker. I don’t know what this little thing is. Okay, there we go.

roofing business blueprint - google5
so it puts the description in here and lets you see everything that’s going in. go right through and set all these up and down below, if you want to add a photo. So we’ll go browse and see how this is. So if I want to put it on my server, let’s see what I have for a place here. Okay, here we go. We’ll put a little logo in there and we will load that up. If you want to put any videos or photos or anything in you can do that as well. If there’s any brands that you have. CertainTeed, GAF, Owens Corning, you know, whatever your product is.

David Deschaine Google Training Roofing Business Blueprint

Now everything’s over here on the right side, it gives you a nice little picture of what its going to look like. And we’ll just click submit. That will go through and it will ask you what you want to do, how you want to be contacted. And we will say by phone. Okay, it’s going to give you a number. We’ll hit finish. And I think it just takes a matter of minutes, so its going to call you with a pin. So ill let that go through, and then you put the pin in right here. There it is. So it went ahead and confirmed the pin. that’s all done. And let’s go back to Google places to look. And everything’s has been loaded up. It shows us a nice snap shot of what the impressions are. How many people have looked at this, you know that’s over 60 people that have looked at impressions on all this. So this is how you set this up for Google listing. This is all free stuff. You can put some other things on for offers. You can add some extra stuff down below like coupons and all kinds of things.
roofing business blueprint - google7

Google maps, Google places, are a great way to get free local traffic. It will give you a nice snapshot of everything and you’ll be able to get tons of extra traffic from this.
Anyway, this is David Deschaine from the Roofing Business Blueprint, and we’ll talk to you guys soon.

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