Roofing Business Video Marketing

This is where Roofing Business Video Marketing can really get you a large quantity a free roofing leads from the Internet, and using local towns and cities in your state can get you local targeted roofing leads. When you create videos you should name the videos using the keywords that target the local towns and cities of the state you are doing work. This is very simple to do and only takes a few keywords which can be written in the description under your videos, and you always want to have a hyperlink pointing back to you Maine website… Free Training For Getting More Roofing Leads With Videos

Learn How I Dominate My Local Market

Let’s talk a little bit about YouTube, and how I have been able to get thousands of targeted visitors searching for people up here in the state of Maine. I did some testing for the last 12 months simple 3 to 5 minute videos, and the results were incredible especially when I added the local town, and some very simple text like Roofing Kennebunkport Maine. If you do a simple Google search and use those keywords you will find that we do have a good rating and have video usually comes in between third and fifth place on Google. These techniques are all white hat there is no spam involved, and Google like a video and it likes YouTube, they showed because they own the website.

Never Worry About Roofing Leads

But either way your local market is easily tapping new with video, and I show you everything inside the roofing business blueprint. I have included YouTube templates with all 50 states and Canada will help you quickly upload a custom background to you YouTube channel. This really will set you apart from the competition, and then use my you tube video marketing free bonus course to learn all about roofing business video marketing.

Step-By-Step Training Video Course

Today with an iPhone that records video in HD anyone can make a how-to video to show homeowners in your area what the roofs look like, and if you want to impress a homeowner take your iPad up onto the roof, record a complete description about what the roof looks like and then go inside and show the homeowner the complete video on an iPad. Just look at their chin hit the table as you go through the step-by-step process, and show them the hail damage, when damage or any other issue they might be having upon the roof.

Custom Youtube Templates And Training Course


This Special Bonus Is Included – Order Yours Today!

Then you can use the same video to upload to YouTube channel, what I recommend is you create 2 videos a week and that’s 52 weeks in the year equals 104 videos. Think about how much local search traffic you will get if you include the towns, the city, the state in each one of these videos. I going to do some simple math here hundred and 4 videos times 500 views, equals 52,000 views. I’m not saying going to get those kind of views or that many visits, but I can tell you I have done it, and the more people in your area the more views you’re going to get and that’s guaranteed.

It’s Total Up To You Now – Are You Ready?

Seriously if you’re ready to get your business up and running the roofing business blueprint is a complete package now, I have added so much stuff inside that anyone, and I mean anyone will learn something from this great digital information package. The roofing business blueprint has software, I show you how to create blogs with my proprietary roofing business blueprint plug-in, all of the training that I have used over the last 25 years to generate millions of dollars is going to be at your fingertips. Go down and click on the banner below get yourself a copy of the roofing business blueprint right now and get started with promoting your roofing business with video marketing.


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