Roofing Business Overview

Hello this is David Deschaine and welcome to the roofing business blueprint production, using the best roofing installers, getting quality roofing subcontractors and then we get into financial taxes and withholding’s.

How I Have Made Millions In Roofing

Okay we’re going to start in about production for your roofing jobs. You know, this is a very important decision and most owners of companies often hire this out to somebody else to do the work, because this does require that it’s done with caution. You know, asking the right questions. Will guide you through the interview process. And I’ve included all this; see the roofing business manual, pages 28 to 78.and read carefully.

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Now put together effective ads including you know, as much information and attract the best roofing installers. Requirements, compensation, you know, you want to put a lot of that information in there so the guys have it all in front of them.

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Also if you want the best workmen, you need to pay the best money for these guys. And guarantee some work. Good people will not work for a roofing company that’s whose known for poor workmanship and reputations. Roofers do care about their image. Good roofing installers take great pride in their workmanship and like any good craftsman. They really care about the quality of their work.

Roofing Business Blueprint Complete Package

Make sure you explain to your potential roofing installers, all of the information and get plenty of year round work. They need to know that you’re going to provide year round work. You’re roofing installers are a reflection on you. You know, take some time and check out a couple of references. If you hire a roofing contractor, go look at a couple roof jobs that they’ve completed recently. Take the time and do the required work to find the best workmen or roofing subcontractors.

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This will save you years of aggravation from potential leaks, from poor workmanship and potential law suits from interior water damage. You know, it’s important.

Now good roofers want quality work, and they want guaranteed work. And I know it’s hard for you to make this kind of commitment but it’s important to get good guys, because if you can’t guarantee and commit to that them. You know, placing ads, I mean, your commitment would be doing plenty of advertising to keep them busy. You know, this is important.

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Now bringing structure to your roofing business. When you structure your roofing business, you need to be strong, but you also need to be fair and this can be a balancing act. You know roofers have to be treated fairly but you need to lay down some guidelines but most importantly some requirements.

Safety should always b the number one issue with the things you lay out. Make sure the guys are wearing their fall protection, and make sure their wearing their safety glasses, hard hats, and maintaining a 3 point contact with latter’s at all times. You know the whole OSHA thing. You need to visit the job sites every day. Or have a quality control production manager or specialist, you know, checking on the jobs to ensure consistent quality with your roofing business.

Roofing Business Overview

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  1. kirk says:

    Dave, What all comes with the blue print pro Im ready to buy whats all included. The estimator pro etc. please reply

    • DavidDeschaine says:

      Hey Kirk,
      Yes, we are including the Brand New Roofing Estimator Software with some great funtionality improvements people have been asking for before, and it will be available on April 8th.
      I’ll make sure to send out more information to make sure your notified!
      I wanted to make sure this was the best roofing estimating software on the market, and have added so much more to help everyone grow their roofing business.
      Thanks for question – If anyone has any question go ahead and ask.
      I’m going to hosting 3 Live Roofing Sales Training Webinar’s over the next few months, which will be Free for all my friends.

  2. Ajith Kumar says:

    Mr.Dave,I am very much impressed the way you try to help roofing companies,using your expertise.We operate in Singapore,India, and the Middle East .We are looking for new technologies to incorporate green roofing systems on metal roofs.Please advise how can we work together for shared benefits.

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