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We have the best warranty in the business, and we want to make sure that you’re happy with our products. If you’re not happy just simply send us an e-mail to tech support and tell us you want your money back. I want you to be very happy with the products I deliver, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure you feel like you get exactly what you paid for. That’s why I offer my 60 day money back guarantee on all my products – life is too short and I’m an honest guy and I only sell great value!


We offer the best roofing business programs to help roofing contractors get more roofing leads online, and we create the best tools to advertise your business online. We want you to have the best tools available so you can grow your roofing business without having to worry about looking for the latest and greatest tools to try to out rank your competition for local search traffic.

What Is Included In The Roofing Website Builder?

what we have included in the website builder is a complete package to help you create websites, have the best marketing and advertising tools and brochures, graphics for your website or for all of your roofing business needs. You can use all these graphics for off-line marketing if you doing some Pro sure was or anything in newspapers. We also included YouTube videos or any of these videos can be used for any of your marketing.

How Can I Use The Videos Included In The package?

we added seven videos that you can customize by using a simple tool like Windows Movie maker which you can add your logo to the front of the video and to the end of the video, and also add some music underneath with your branding. I show you exactly how to do this using YouTube’s version to add enhancements and annotations to your videos.

Editing Videos Is It Complicated?

Editing videos today is a lot easier than it used to be years ago, and YouTube has that free editing software program built into their system so you can edit the videos, cut out pieces that you don’t want in your video, and then you can add music underneath the video and they have hundred you can choose from it’s a great free resource. if you’re using professional Adobe Premier CS6 or Final Cut Pro To edit Your videos Yes, those professional video editing suites are Very complicated and take time to learn the software.

How Are The Roofing Directories Going To Help?

The roofing business website builder program has many features for advanced users or Roofing companies who are just getting started building websites or want to add premium listings to our online directories. We have built these custom roofing directories to help roofing contractors advertise their business online, we are only including high quality roofing companies, and were not looking for any Roofing Companies that are looking to spam the search engines. our goal is to help roofing contractors get the best local search traffic without directories by providing high quality content to the end user – Everything we do is to help you for the long-term.

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