Roofing Business Blueprint

Introducing The Roofing Business Blueprint

The Roofing Business Blueprint will be the complete system for any roofing contractor to start a roofing business. This business course will include the latest roofing sales training information by Dave Deschaine who is the creator of many best selling roofing sales training programs, and will also include new training on building your sales team, and creating online marketing WordPress blog websites with a custom Roofing Business Blueprint Plug-in to get traffic to your blog sites.
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What else is included in the Roofing Business Blueprint?

The program also includes a video training course so you can watch over the should of David Deschaine as he walks you through completely building your own website with WordPress, and will show you how to fully optimize your blogs with SEO to get local traffic in your area, and much more with our customer WordPress Plug-in. One of the fast growing methods of marketing is video, and we have included our YouTube Video Marketing Course. This will walk you through setting up your account, and uploading videos, and optimizing your videos with SEO techniques to get floods of free traffic to your website.

Roofing Business Blueprint Step-by-Step Tutorials

You will also get a copy of the Brand New Roofing Estimator Pro Software, which has developed for the Roofing Business Blueprint to use for your roofing company. This has been specially made to build your customer data base, and schedule all of your appointments. We have included some brand new features from one of our earlier versions of our Roofing Estimator Pro which is still available. We have upgrade the contracts, and the reporting functionality which is fully integrated with all the products, and the email system for your roofing business. You can print professional roofing proposals, and insurance estimates with full descriptions or only with simple amounts for regular proposals. We were ask to upgrade the software, and now have created this new powerful Roofing Estimator Pro which is only available with Roofing Business Blueprint.

The Roofing Business Blueprint Program

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6 Responses to Roofing Business Blueprint

  1. site not up yet. still putting together.
    really looks like you offer what I need.
    I will contact you when I can fit this in my budget.
    Thank you!

  2. ken says:

    how do i update word press plugin v1 up to v2 ? also where & how do i get in to the members area ?

  3. ken says:

    OK I just got an Email with links to Roofing Business Mastermind. Any help with Roofing Business Blueprint ? I Have purchased that as well.

  4. ken says:

    When I run plugin activation i’m getting this error. Can you reply with a possible solution.

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getNamespaces() on a non-object in /home8/twooney0/public_html/roofingblog/wp-content/plugins/roofingblueprint/sys/functions.php on line 17

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