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roofing business blueprint-wordpressWelcome to the Roofing Business Blueprint, WordPress Blog Installation. Now this plug in is powerful. This is automatically going to generate articles for your blog. Its going to create new content, and it’s going to build your WordPress Blog site with incredible content that’s relevant to your roofing business, or to your area. Whatever you put in for an RSS feed, or any of the links that we have in there. This is an incredible piece of software.

Roofing Business Blueprint Software

We have added some great updates for the Roofing Business Blueprint Plug-in, and this will turn your WordPress Blogs into a fully functional website. The best part of the WordPress blog system is that you can add your own pictures, and videos easily.

New Features Add – Powerful Roofing Estimate Software

This WordPress blog plugin has been specially designed for roofing companies to market their roofing business online, and now your potential customers will have a place to insert there information. This professionally produced software has all the power of a fully automated article creating machine.  That Old Saying – Set It & Forget It”
Roofing Business Blueprint Pluin_download nowBuilding Your Online Business – Roofing Business Blueprint Plugin

We have added some powerful new features in PHP coding that get content from the Internet which brings traffic to your website or blog. I have created videos that will show you how to build these roofing lead creating machines, and how to build the back-links to your main website. Also tips, and techniques how to get powerful keywords with thousand of people looking, and search for your products, and services.

I’m going to go through a complete installation if you’ve never had WordPress Blog site, or if you’re new, we’re going to walk you through from start to finish. We’re going to go down and buy a domain at Blue Host, we’re going to install the software. We’re going to show you how to install WordPress Blog plus the WordPress Blog Plug in from the Roofing Business Blueprint. Plus we’re going to show you how to optimize your website or blog with SEO search engine optimization for search traffic also we’re going to show you how to use Google site maps.

Build SEO With Roofing Business Blueprint

I’m going to show you the exact ways that I use and the tools that I use, to get the traffic that I do to my websites. These are really very responsive SEO tactics that some of the bigger Internet marketers in the Internet marketing world use. They use the same time of plug ins. And also this alerts all the search engines that changes were made to your website, then they come in and they’re going to index your sites. If they’re not done correctly with the site maps, then Google will just go right by them. When they’re spiders come in and index the sites, it will go right by them if you don’t use the right optimization.
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Okay we’re going to get started with going over to Blue Host. You’re going to see the link in your installation manual. Go ahead and we’re going to go to “Sign Up”. What I’m going to do is walk you through a complete set up with Blue Host. This is the site that we use for all of our hosting accounts. The thing that i like about Blue Host is they have unlimited domain hosting. And if you’ve done this before I’m going to walk you through it. It’s very simple. I’ll bring you through the whole set up. Blue Host has Unlimited hosting space, unlimited file transfers; you can make unlimited email accounts. When you host for a year with these guys you get a free domain. So you don’t even have to purchase the domain.

Using The Internet As A Roofing Lead Machine

They have some different templates and everything inside. You can set up all kinds of different data base and I’ll show you in the control panel when we get inside. So what we’re going through first. And it’s real simple to sign up. I’m going to start with roofing business auto blog. That’s one that I looked at earlier.  And this is how simple it is. Step 1. Okay that is available. You can either buy the .com, .net, .org or any additional add on that’s you want to have. The good thing about blue Host is, when you get into the control panel you can host 20, 30. 30 websites off this one hosting account. That’s what they mean about unlimited domains. You can have multiple blog sites, you can have multiple WordPress Sites. It’s really a great hosting account.  For 6.95 a month, it’s really a great deal.

Set Up This Roofing Blog Software In 10 Minutes

We’re going to go through and put your business name, your name, the state, the city, zip code. We’re going to go down here, email address that you use for your primary account. Once again that’s the account plan.  12 months for 6.95 per month. We buy it all up front. I just say pay the whole 12 months at once. You get a free set up, primary domain registration. And mine which in case is going to be free with the set up. The site lock, I didn’t click that you don’t really need that. Premium back up I don’t think you need that. Who is, if you don’t want anybody knowing who you are you can leave that on for 10 dollars a year. It doesn’t matter to me. Now I’m going to enter all my credit card information, so I’ll see you once you enter all this stuff, click through and ill see you on the next page.

David Deschaine Say’s “The Roofing Business Blueprint Has It ALL“!

Okay everything’s gone through the credit card has been approved. All the information’s in the blog name, all the information about me. I used my pay pal account, you get the free registration. The total billed was 83.40. and that’s for a whole year. And that includes unlimited domains. You can put as many domains on as you want. Now create a password. I’m going to create mine just like you’ll have to for your account. You can type in whatever you want. Try to keep all your passwords the same that way there its easier for you to remember. They like to see a symbol. Use a capital and a symbol. Generate the password. Then you’ll get in. you’ll have to enter your password. I just have that automated fill. Okay we’re logging into the control panel. First time in, one of the first things that I like to do  this will help you get started. If you want to you can I like to get in and make an email account right off the bat. Then just use a password. You can use one of whatever password names you have. Try to keep them the same it makes it easier especially when you get multiple domains. So that’s already set up. The good thing about this is you can go through and it will give you access to a few different web services.  And these are all free it doesn’t cost you anything and it’s going to ask you for your password again just to verify that it’s you. To get in here, you login. I get that automatic fill on the password thing.

New Powerful WordPress Blog Secrets

Now its going to give you a few email things that you can open. I like the SquirrelMail, round cube. This will bring you right in and this is your email box. So you can always log into your control panel. If you want to separate this and you want to and you know how to  configure email to a client then you can put this right into your Microsoft Office. Any of the other types of emails you have and the domains and all that stuff and your password. So you can do it that way as well. I’m going to go back to the control panel. But I think the simplest way is to just go back to the SquirrelMail. That works good, you can read the mail and it’s empty right now. Okay lets empty that.

Now let’s go in to one of the setups with the WordPress Blog. Real simple. I’m just going to kind of go through the control panel with you.  First of all to start you’ve got your domain manager. This is where you can go in and add more, no I’m not interested, it always does these upsells for viruses. This will bring you into your primary domain. And this is where you add in more domains. And name servers, you can point this to a different server.

roofing business blueprint-wordpress-training

I’ll show you how to do some of the other stuff but this is your domain manager, your upgrades, your profile for billing, checkout. The C panel is where we want to operate from. This is where it all happens. This is where you have your email accounts, anything you want to access. There’s are great tools in here and they’re all free. Some of this brand new stuff. We’ll go through email accounts like I said. We have some other FTP accounts, “file transfer protocol.”  But the thing you want to look into is registering domain, transfer domain, sub domains.

The things we’re going to use today are going to be the WordPress with simple Scripts, and also a Cron job. This will automatically make your WordPress Blog BluePrint fire! It actually once a day it will go off and it will create new articles automatically. that’s the beauty of this plug in. Okay this is almost 10 minutes I’m going to freeze the video, when we come back we’re going to set up the WordPress Blog and we’re going to add in some new plug ins. Okay I’ll see you in the next video.

Automated Blog Creation For More Roofing Leads

Okay here’s the second video on installing WordPress Blog with the Roofing Business Blueprint Plug in. Now the second step is to go down to the Simple Scripts, and click on the icon. What its going to do is it automatically installs WordPress Blog for you. So once again we go to Install WordPress Blog. It’s going to go through and it’s going to ask you what you want to do and you just click install. And it goes through a couple of steps on the set up and it does it automatically. You don’t have to install anything yourself. It’s really a great program.

Now it’s going to give you a list of different domains. You can pick the one you want to install it in. that’s the one we’re looking at, the roofing business You want to go to the display area. What I like to do here is use the exact same words that’s in your domain. That’s what you want, you want to copy the domain. So “roofing business auto blog”. Okay and that’s going to be the domain for that. Now the admin that’s usually what I use, I use a password like “roofing business”  just for the password.  Now this is what you’re going to need to log in every time to your WordPress blog site. So you hit complete. It’s going through and it should take any more than two minutes. It’s going to go through and automatically install everything. It’s going to upload a couple of plug ins but we’re going to go in there so you want to remember that your user name and admin and your password is roofing business or whatever you have. It’s also going to email you a copy to your email address whatever you had for your primary account.
Let’s click on where it says word press admin; this brings you right to the main page that you need to log in. And it’s going to ask you what your password was so you want to remember. I just go back, copy, paste, that’s the easiest way of doing it. Copy, click back through, and right click paste. Go right back to get the password.  That way there if there’s any spaces. It just makes it simple, copy and paste. It’s real easy to do. Okay and I’m just going to make sure I did that. Click on remember me so it remembers you and you don’t have to do it every time.

roofing business blueprint wordpress blog plugin

Okay now you’re at your dashboard. This actually the WordPress Blog if you click on this right here, it’s going to bring you in to show you that it’s complete. It’s already done. There’s a couple of icon bars here on the side widgets, menus, and updates. Add new posts or pages. And we’re going to go right to the dashboard. This is going to bring you right inside.  Then we’re going to go into the plug ins area. There’s a few different things that ill just through with you. The posts, if you want to add a new post or categories, media, library and links. It has all the different links to different products that you have going in there. Pages, you can add a new page. Comments, for when you have comments it’ll list all in here so you can, I’m just going to trash this one. You can totally clean out anybody that posts anything no your blogs. Appearance, we’ll get into this. You got themes, widgets, headers, backgrounds. Users if you want to add a new user to your profile. I’m just going to close a couple of these so we can stay on the page.

Use The Best Roofing Business Blueprint System

Tools you can import and export. Settings, this is where you get general information. This is where you’re usually linked to all of your plug ins and everything. Okay we’re going to start with plug ins. Im going to go in here and we’re just going to click on the plug ins. This will just show us what we have. Im go to deactivate a couple of these. Like this jet pack I’m going to get rid of that. And just clean out a couple of the things I don’t use. Delete? Yes.

Okay the Asimet, that actually is a good little program. What that does it cleans out any spam that comes to your blog. So basically you’ll go in and enter an akismet key. I don’t know if it still has one of mine, it looks like it does, so when you get one you just use it. It will clean out any of the information that comes in. you can go through this and you can go in and get a brand new one. It doesn’t cost you anything for these keys. Just go through here and click on this, and it will walk you through some simple setup. Get that key that you have and if you use mine, I’ve got mine out there. But if you use it its not going to work for you. I wouldn’t do that it’s going to ask you each time. All it’s going to do is clean out the spam.

Make More Money With Targeted Online Roofing Customers

Okay, so let’s go back to the plugs. Now I’m going to show you a few plug ins that you’re going to need to get. Now these are important, the SEO, I’m going to go in and show you where it is. All in one SEO pack, that’s the one that I use all the time. That’s a real good plug in. this has everything in there. Its designed for WordPress blog. This is a site that has all these plug ins. And these are free. These don’t cost you anything. These just help you optimize your web pages.

The Roofing Business Blueprint WordPress Plug-in

But you don’t want to get into anything that you don’t know anything about. So just click on the install now. It’s going to ask you do you want to install this and of course we do. We’ll go ahead and put that in and activate the plug in. its going to ask you a couple of things about your plug in, you know what do you want to have in. and first of all its going to want you to enable. What I do is on this here, the homepage title. I go right up to whatever your domain name is. Because you want to put these in. you want to have the same keywords in for everything on all of your blog. That’s the relevance. Google really looks at all relevance of your WordPress blog, your websites and that’s how it really ranks your sites.

roofing business blueprint package

We’re going to go ahead and put this in. I’m just going to put these in, right click paste, this is the home description. And keywords. Everything about the internet is all about keywords and domain names and you know all this stuff. You guys know a lot this. And I just put a few keywords in that I think is powerful and we’re going to walk through a couple here in a minute.

Roofing Business Blueprint Plug-in

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