If you are ready to run your roofing business from your home office, or like I do pool side you have to get your copy of the Roofing Business Blueprint. We are now putting the final touches, and beta testing the web-based Roofing Estimator Pro Roofing Software.

Roofing Business Blueprint Working On The Go!


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The new version will have some powerful new features, and better functionality because the files will be held on a secure Amazon EC2 running Microsoft Windows Server which can be accessed from anywhere. So you can login into your company from a laptop, I-pad, smart phones or with any computer.

Roofing Business Blueprint Software

The Roofing Estimator Pro will have the scheduling calendar, and creation of your estimates, and contracts – Plus be able to link or move files with integration of QuickBooks. Your Home office can be as powerful, and flexible as any large scale roofing company.

Technology is offering roofing contractors a powerful new way of doing business, using software to keep our sales people connected with the home office, and simple to use tools to keep selling even when you are not in the office. The scheduling software will keep everyone on the same page, and help with up-to-date information posted with a simple click of a mouse.

Building Your Roofing Business

Over 1000 roofing contractors have purchased the Roofing Business Blueprint and having great success, and I want to help you with your roofing business. I have included some new great training videos, and software with installation videos, and YouTube marketing to help you brand your business online. Plus I’m going to adding a new training video series over the next few weeks on how to get some new SEO techniques with multi-blog to take over your local search traffic.

Roofing Business Blueprint – Roofing Estimator Pro

The Roofing Business Blueprint WordPress Blog plug-in is one of the best auto-blog software I have seen ever, and this Plug-In alone is worth the cost of the Roofing Business Blueprint course. If you want to build your online presence, and use software programs to automate your roofing empire, you need to click on the add to cart button Today!

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