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Do You Want To Get More Roofing Leads Online?

The only way you’re going get more roofing leads online is to promote your business or use a platform that automatically generates content on your websites. Working on the computer all day is impossible when you run a roofing business, so you want to use the best tools to develop fresh new content from local writers on press release platforms who are professional writers, in want their content shared over the Internet.

Roofing Business Blueprint Plugin 1.4

Here’s a list of the new features:

  • New Content Sources (Online Press Releases, Article Builder, and Home Improvement Directory)
  • Mail Delivery Options (AutoResponder to help stop SPAM folder delivery)
  • Captcha Options (Text-Based or Math-Based captchas – plus the option to disable it entirely)
  • Code Optimizations including Auto-Updater (After this version you will no longer need to download or re-install the plugin)
  • Improved Tag (Keyword) Selections, along with the option to “NOFOLLOW” posted links to help your search engine ranking
  • Enhanced Estimate Mail Formatting for cleaner estimate messages

Updating the plugin only takes a couple minutes:

  1. Login to your WordPress Blog dashboard.
  2. Go to the Plugin section of the dashboard and find “Roofing Business BluePrint Plugin” on the plugin list.
  3. Click Deactivate and then click the new option underneath the plugin name — Delete and then confirm deletion
  4. Upload the new plugin by going to “Add New” at the top of the plugin page, and selecting Upload
  5. Upload the ZIP file to your blog
  6. Activate the new plugin, and then view your settings. Follow the tutorial video for specific settings, or adjust your settings as desired.
  7. You’re ready to go!

We have added a few different sources to the Roofing Business Blueprint wordpress blog plug-in so your content will automatically get drip fed into your blogs, this is a great way to get new content daily without having to all that work. We always recommend that you have at least two or three of your hand written post which is very important for the search engines, because it is original content. as Bill Gates said years ago content is king, and yes Google still loves fresh new content, especially original new content so don’t just copy someone’s content, use a press release that distributes throughout the in that, and Google loves that because we all want to know about the news-feeds, and press releases about companies.

We Have What You Need – Lead Generating Blogs

roofing business plug-inYou will want to make sure and add this type of plug-in or this technology all of your new blogs, or update your existing blogs with adding this new plug-in for your roofing business. we get brand-new leads every day from the Internet, and everyone today is looking online about businesses before they make a purchase, and more importantly they are looking at reviews online. So once you get a roofing estimate or roofing leads scheduled you will always want to plant the seed about getting referrals after the job is completed. This is the lifeline to your business and you want make sure that you are going to get referrals because they are the best Roofing lead you could ever get a specific roofing business.

You Need Roofing Leads To Survive RIGHT?

original content for your roofing business

What Is A Responsive Roofing Websites

Do you know that blogs get more traffic than most websites combined, and that is because the way they are structured for search engines to find and navigate through the content. With the new platforms that are available they are called responsive roofing websites, and what that does it scales down to percentages your photos, your content in all the items on your website so they are easily viewed on a mobile device. Your roofing business needs to have a mobile website, and our blogs are all searched by mobile devices daily. When you build your websites or blogs you want to make sure you use the right seem that allows this capability of responsive website design, this is the latest and the greatest and you want to catch this wave and we can help you, and we will help you with this new added feature.

sponsor website design and new features for your WordPress

Do You Want Your Business To Grow?

I know you want to this to happen for your business, so stop kicking the tires and get your copy of the roofing business blueprint today. People adjust way around and procrastinate never make it, they will just put off doing anything and never will succeed. Entrepreneurs always use their last dime for the business, and what I mean that is they will buy advertising, a new nail gun or tool needed to get a job completed. The Roofing Business Blueprint is a tool that you need to grow your roofing business online, we have all the tools required to develop your online presence and jump your roofing business to the next level.  Make sure you get your copy today don’t waste any more time thinking about this because now is the time you are going to hit the road running like never before, and will stand beside you through the whole thing.

roofing business WordPress development systemIt’s Time To Make It Happen Are You Ready?

Roofing Business Blueprint

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