How To Start Your Own Business Even With All The Negativity

Hello my name is David Deschaine and I want to talk today about how negativity can stop people from starting their own business, and more importantly stop the creative mindset which we are born with, and then the programming begins at a very young age. All we ever hear throughout our childhood and into our teenage years is “You have to go to school, go to college and then get a real job” – RIGHT? That might be okay for some people, and if you watching this video right now you’re probably one those people who fought the system your whole life, and wanted something better for yourself.

How To Start Your Own Roofing Business

I personally hated hearing all these statements “You can’t do this” – “What do you think you are doing” – “That isn’t going to work” – “You can’t start your own business” – “You don’t have enough money to start your own business” and all these type of statements will build a negitive shell over your creative mindset – Have You Given Up?

You can’t start your own business – WHAT?

As far as I’m concerned people just don’t know what they’re talking about, and every time I hear somebody say to me your a dreamer, or you just live in fantasy-land, or something like that. It just pisses me off, and then I just get more excited about doing what I’m doing. It’s true when you are a child you don’t have all those thoughts of failure, and all the negativity that has been fed into your brain.

That’s why this statement “Kids are so brutally honest” come from because they’re not afraid of being politically incorrect or any other cultural barriers that have been set up to and from most of adults in our society. The fact of the matter is when you’re a kid or child you dream more the number, and that’s why testing facilities love to have children involved in product creation because they are completely honest and will tell you if they don’t like it, and you can start your own roofing business.

You Can Start Your Own Business

I’m sure that if we all were just stop being so negative, and focus your positive energy into what you love to do whole world would be a better place. Let’s get back to what I was talking about is the negativity of people saying you can’t do that, well I’m here to tell you can do that in him but I encourage you any way I can to step up, and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to start your own business.

The more you listen to these people the less you’re going to do, it’s going to be difficult to reject this negativity, so don’t give into what all the people around you are saying, and most of these people are your love ones, and it’s hard to separate from this negative exposure, because these are the people we also care about.

Create Your Own Destiny – Stop Trading Time For Money

They don’t mean to be negative about this, they’re going to be a little bit jealous of you starting your own business, and that’s what really hurts. You see they have been beat down by the negativity over the years, and they know that they should never listened to all the people that told them they cannot do that , and now they are no further ahead and yes they may have a couple of things but they never had a chance to do what they wanted to do. It’s now your turn to start or expand your Roofing Business

roofing-business-blueprint-groupComplete Roofing Business System

Don’t live your life with regrets, and don’t go for the rest your life saying “I could’ve done that”. I’m sure people that you know or people who are reading this right now wish they would’ve gone ahead and did what they want to do. This is your life don’t listen to what other people saying, especially with the negativity that is thrown at you daily.

OK – Are You Ready To Start Your Own Business?

Take advantage of this right now, I do understand I have heard this my whole life. But I’m here to tell you can do this, you can start your own business so you don’t live the rest your life with regrets saying I should have started my own business five years ago.

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How To Start Your Own Business Even With All The Negativity - Roofing Business Blueprint

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One Response to How To Start Your Own Business Even With All The Negativity

  1. People simply hate to see others get ahead. I always suggest folks start a business that they have a passion for. I love Roofing and Remodeling and grew up in a family full of Roofers, Carpenters, Painters, Masons and Flooring installers all Union from NY. I have been in Charlotte NC for over 14 years and have worked for a few different contractors but I realized that I know alot more than my employers so why the Hell I am I working for this guy???

    I didn’t see the appreciation from employers that I felt I deserved so I started my own Roofing and Remodeling business in 2005 after I had stashed money away for years I waited for the right time to branch out on my own. I had 4 years of schooling and certifications in just about every aspect of construction. The local Union I belonged to in NY was very active in educating workers and overloading us with good safety practices as well.

    If you’re starting a Roofing company just to make a quick buck and do not care to learn all there is about the business then I suggest you find something you will enjoy doing. you should also know the work, learn how to install, go work as a Roofer under a decent local company for a few years and do all you can to become a professional.

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