Free Roofing Leads From Craigslist & Backpage


Learn how to get Free roofing leads from Craigslist and Backpage with a simple photograph linked directly to your website, and you can post up to five of these per day. During your morning cup of, and checking your e-mail coffee why not post a few free roofing adds for your roofing company. This is absolutely free with both of these websites which gets viewed millions and millions of times every day.

How To Place An Ad On Craigslist

People today are online looking on websites before they even think about buying a product or service, and Craigslist and back page some of the massive free online marketing sites you can use. Craigslist is actually 38th most the website of all time, in fact page is growing fast. To be a look And of this kind of volume and get free roofing leads from Craigslist and back page is absolutely incredible, people would pay hundreds of dollars a month to have access to a free online directory like this, and once again it does not pushing anything to advertise with these two websites.

How To Place An Ad On Backpage

if you’d like to place a photo ad on Craigslist the Backpage all you have to do is store an image on a website or a free photo hosting website. Then you want a roof image source so you can use that HTML code for your ad on Craigslist and Backpage. You will have an image tag with a HREF tag which is essentially a image source code with embedded redirection link an this is my advertising code and it looks like this

[<a href=””><img border=”0″ src=””></a></p>]

You Must Add Text Into Your Ad

You must add text into your ad so it doesn’t look like spam, and I know for a fact if you want to get indexed you have to have a written paragraph or line so the search engines can find your search result or topic. The more text in keyword you have in your ad the better search result you know achieve so I would write a one or two sentence statement that includes your main keywords like roofing contractor. Creating these ads is very easy to do with a simple photo editor the you can get online free or may already be in your computer.

Targeting Your Local Demographic

Targeting your local demographic or local search area is important for you to get picked up on the search engines. Just like if you were using a domain name or posting an ad on a blog you will want to include the same type of article mindset with keyword density and keyword targeting. You are limited however to a certain amount words in these free ads so make sure they count, but you can add some premium listings which are very inexpensive the especially with Backpage. When you write ads you want make sure they are attractive to your local roofing prospects, think of what would you like to see in a advertisement. Work be in completed with on a beautiful home, a clean job site photo and workman that are all wearing T-shirts and looking like professional roofing installers.

Your Image Is Everything – Protect Your Image

 Craigslist & BackpageProtecting your image online is everything so make sure you are constantly looking at all of your blogs, your Facebook or any online directory that may be hosting one of your listings. We always want to help you with posting the right add for your roofing business, and that’s why we offer this free information to help you with developing your online reputation we strongly recommend if you don’t have the roofing business blueprint to get a copy today as we are going to have free webinars on building your roofing business reputation without reputation management division of the Roofing Business Blueprint. I’ll go ahead and post your advertisements so you can get free roofing leads from Craigslist and Backpage – Go ahead and check out the Roofing Business Blueprint.

Roofing Business Blueprint

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