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10 roofing closes10 Roofing Closes Video

Hello, this is David Deschaine and I’d like to welcome you to the Roofing Business Blueprint, 10 roofing closes video. If you apply these techniques it should help you dramatically with your closings.
Now your customer seating arrangement, this is important. to remember your customer seating arrangement and have both husband and wife, sitting across from you at the kitchen table, if possible. remember that most family business is conducted at the kitchen table, so you want to be talking directly at them so they’re not making eyes from ends of the table. When you ask them a question you will see the response.

The Famous 10 Roofing Closes Training Video

Now these roofing closes have been used to make many sales calls, and have generated a lot of roofing sales, and are very highly effective. remember you need to practice your presentation and close over and over again to get comfortable with what you’re saying and really deliver the presentation as best as possible. You’re going to hear the same objections every time you ask for the business. Make sure you are ready with your next neutralizing response and closing statement.

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Now the objections you will hear. “I want to get other prices or estimates”, “your price is too high”, “I need to think about it”, “you really are the first guy I’ve talked with”, “can I call you in a couple of days”, “is that your best price?” and “we need to sleep on it.” Now you’re going to hear these over and over again so you want to make sure you practice up and have your response ready. you need to create urgency for today’s business and give them a reason to buy.

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Roofing Business Blueprint with your neutralizing statement should be, use this on your first close. “would you like to schedule your new roof? use one of these once you ask for the business and they object to your first close. “I understand”, “I can appreciate it” and “I see.” Then come back with a closing statement, to let them know that you are listening to them.
understanding the sales process. You’re going to get an objection and come back with a neutralizing statement and then use another closing statement. you’re going to go around and around until you finally get the answer you want.

roofing business blueprint – 10 roofing closes

roofing business blueprint - 10 roofing closes
#1. The highest price close. after you’re neutralizing statement, the cost of everything is getting higher everyday it seems, and I’m not going to say that its not a lot of money because it is! And if I was in your position, I would feel the same way you are right now! possibly a little angry, maybe a little afraid of what is going to happen and if you are making the right choice! does that sound accurate to how you are feeling right now?
And the answer should be, do you feel confident with having me or my company install your new roof? Wait for the answer and if they say yes, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith I need to ask you a couple of questions and it may sound kind of funny, is that okay?” Do you think doing the roof twice is going to cost more? Well yes of course it is. Then doing the job right the first time with quality products, insurance and experienced workman needed is best? right? and the answer should be yes.

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Would you like to do this job right the first time? Yes. Would you like to me install your new roof? Wait for the answer. Yes-write up the order and close the deal. no-I want to thank you for being honest, but you did like everything I was offering right? Yes. if I can offer you an instant $499.00 discount with our area customer savings program would that help you change your mind?

roofing closes from Dave Deschaine
Neutralizing statement- And if I was in your position I would feel the same way. I really want you to feel completely confident with your decision about, who you hire to install your new roof. Can I ask you a very important question? Yes. Do you feel comfortable with me installing your new roof? Yes. Do you feel the quality products I’ve shown here, is what you would like on your home? Yes. Would you like to me to install your new roof? Yes. Write up the order and close the deal. if they say No-I want to thank you for being honest, and can I ask one more question? Yes. Do you think I would be doing as many roofing jobs, that we do each year, if my price was not competitive with other quality companies? Then smile. Lets go ahead and set up your new roof installation so you can relax okay? and wait for that answer.

Using 10 Roofing Closes To Make More Money

Now this is the I need to think about it neutralizing statement. I do agree with you, when you are buying anything you should think about what you are investing your money into. Especially a major investment like this. Can I asked you a very important question? Yes. Have you been thinking about this new roof installation for a while? Yes. Do you like everything I have shown you here today? Yes. Do you feel confident that I can install a new roof to your satisfaction? They say yes, yes! Would you like to finally get this roof installed so you can relax, and stop worrying about this?

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Yes I would. Would you like me to install your new roof? Yes. Write up the order and close the deal. if they say no, Thank you for being honest with me and before I go can I ask you one more question? Yes. With all due respect Mr. & Mrs. Smith what is it that you need to think about? Uncover their true thoughts and say I do understand. Now! With everything I have just shown you and you agreed you liked, why would you want to put off driving up and seeing your new roof installed that you just picked out, on your home? What do you think, should we go ahead and set up the roof installation?

Know How To Close The Roofing Sale

#4. We need to talk about it. neutralizing statement. and talking about making a large investment or a major purchase is always, the way intelligent people make decision. now before I leave can I ask you a couple more questions, just to make sure I have all my information correctly? Yes. You do like the new roof you have picked out? Yes. Great, and I do agree with your color selection it is really going to look spectacular. I know you need to talk about this. I tell you what, I need to go outside and take a few a few minutes and take a few pictures for the file and this will give you a few minutes alone so you can talk about this, okay? Start to get up and go for the door. when you come back inside you will have a yes or a no answer. And if they are on the fence just start writing up the order with your assumptive close. if no resistant then you have the roof job.

Roofing Business Blueprint – 10 Roofing Closes Training

#5 Best time to buy a roof. Neutralizing statement. This is important and because this is the best time of the year to install a new roof, and we do buy our roofing materials at high volume so you can be assured to get the best quality and the best price. Can I ask you a simple question? Yes. Isn’t the best time to buy a roof is when you need it, which id say is now, wouldn’t you? Yes. Write up the order and close the deal. If they say No-I want to thank you for being honest Mr. & Mrs. Smith can I ask you one more question before I leave? Yes. Do you really want to put off something that is going to make your life better by protecting your home, plus enjoy knowing you have a professionally installed leak free roof? Should we go ahead and schedule your new roof installation? a pro tip is to just nod your head. Yup, Yup I do agree.

10 Roofing Closes Sales Presentation

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#6 what price did you think. Neutralizing statement. You know I have had a good day today and I feel like we have started a good working relationship already, and we can talk freely and honestly, right? What was the price you thought the new roof would cost? and wait. Oh, how did you come up with those numbers? then wait. well that makes sense, okay. then get out your calculator and start pushing buttons and mutter, discount 2%. Turn the calculator around and say, just for you, I can discount the new roof installation for whatever the price is, will that work? then you wait. and work with them a little bit you know everyone wants a deal. if they say yes write up the order and close the deal. if they say no-thank you for your honesty. Are we close? Great! get out your calculator again and start pushing buttons. Turn it around and then say with your discount and the extra discount, does that look better? if they say yes, close the deal.

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& Ice & Water shield close. Neutralizing statement. it looks like you really want this new roof installed soon, and you do like everything I have offered you today right? Yes. If I could give you more protection for your home, from the heavy rain and bad weather conditions for the same price, would you go ahead with this installation? If they say yes, write up the order and close the deal. If they say no-thank you for your honesty, can I ask you one more question before I leave? Yes. if you saw $400 laying on the ground would you pick it up? Yes. That’s less than what you are passing up here and if you don’t sign today, you’re going to start this estimate process all over again. pick up the extra savings and the extra protection. lets go ahead with the roof! if they say yes, write up the order and close the deal.

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#8 Ridge vent close. neutralizing statement. When we were talking about home ventilation and what the cost is for installing a new ridge vent. Plus this does require cutting a 2” inch opening along the ridgeline and installing the ridge vent with shingle caps along the entire ridgeline. I’m willing to include a special discount and install a free ridge vent if you would sign up today for your new roof installation. if they say yes, write up the order and close the deal! If they say no-thank you for your honesty, and just so you know the cost of a ridge vent installation on your home would be $1,200. And this would make your home more comfortable and save you money on your energy cost. Are you sure you want to pass up on these savings? Let’s go ahead and set up the roof installation. If they say yes, write up the order and close the deal.

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#9 Quality roofing close. Neutralizing statement. Well as you can imagine that quality roof products, and experience roofing installer are going to make your home look better, last longer and require no maintenance. This quality really shows who you are. And by looking at everything you own you buy quality products every time don’t you? This roofing package is a high quality roofing system. lets go ahead and schedule the installation. If they say yes, write up the order and close the deal. If they say no- thank you for your honesty, I do understand that typically more times than not, most people call our company because they want quality. And ill understand if this is not for you but it seemed like you wanted a quality roofing job didn’t you? Are you sure you want to try a low quality or worse take a chance on poor workmanship? You know that when people look at your choice of high quality roofing they are going to be impressed with you and your home. do the right thing, like you have so many times before buying the quality, lets go ahead and schedule your new high quality roof installation, are you ready?

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Then wait. The pro tip-don’t say anything, let them do the talking. If they say yes then write up the order and close the deal! The first one that says anything buys!

#10 Heading for the door. This is your last chance. you have all your samples, sales pitch book and paperwork. You are kind of sad, and heading for the door. You did a great presentation and you don’t understand why you did not get the sale. you shake hands and you thank them for their time to talk with you and your company. Take 3 or 4 steps to the door, stop turn around and say Mr. Smith can I ask you one more thing? if I reduced the price of the complete roofing job by 10% would that make a difference? then wait for the answer. If they say yes, write up the order and close the deal. this is a very powerful close, and has sold many of the roof jobs. but don’t take this one for granted! you can also call after you leave and offer a 10% discount from your vehicle if you could not close in person! It works!

I Sell Millions Each Year Using These 10 Roofing Closes

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I’m telling you this one is one of my favorites! But of course you want to make sure you include all of your 10% into the job. You don’t want to leave the job if you’re not going to make any more. There’s no sense in giving it away at the end. Make sure you have 10% in the job when you go for the close. You always want to try to pad your prices a little bit because you know people are going to want a discount. so give them a little discount. Start high and discount low. that is a great sales technique. It’s one for the best, it’s one of the ones that people have sold millions with and I have too.
David Deschaine from the roofing business blueprint. we’ll talk to you soon!

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