(Limited Offer) Get The 2 For 1 Roofing Business Blueprint



Great Investment For Your Roofing Business

You will have all of my very best roofing business training for this special limited time offer, if you’ve never bought any type of marketing program for your roofing business this would be the place to start. But if you already own some products to help you do website creation for your roofing company, or you have created any type of blog to help keep your local community aware of your daily roof completions or roofing projects.

Using our proprietary software program that allows you to create websites in minutes even if you’ve never had any type of website creation or ever built a website for your roofing business. We include the hosting as part of the package, and there is a reoccurring fee that covers all of the website hosting on six separate hosting accounts, also you get a premium listing in all of our six roofing directories.

Roofing Business 2013
This alone is worth the the small investment of $99, think about how much it cost to build a website. Most website designers require $500-$2000 per website, we are going to give you the opportunity to create as many websites as you want, using our website builder software program. Then the ability to upload as many of these as you want to your own hosting account, but also to use our website hosting on six of our domains which are considered a viral blogging system.

Complete Online Marketing Package

Never before has such a comprehensive online marketing package been available for roofers or roofing companies in need of more roofing leads via the Internet. I have been working in this industry for well over 25 years, and I’ve created millions of dollars worth sales using the same exact techniques I have included in the Roofing Business Blueprint. You will have a massive collection of marketing material that you can use on online advertising directories that cost little or no money to use, but these also get massive floods of free traffic, and you plan back to your local blogs or websites.

Build Quality Roofing Websites In Minutes

We also included YouTube videos that you can use on your own YouTube account, and we show you how to effectively market your roofing business using video marketing sites for no or little cost. We also included a complete roofing software program called Roofing Estimator Pro desktop version, that is a window-based platform only but is a lite-enterprise class piece of software. This is one of our best creations and we have included it as part of the Roofing Business Blueprint.


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New Update WordPress – More Roofing Leads Daily


Do You Want To Get More Roofing Leads Online?

The only way you’re going get more roofing leads online is to promote your business or use a platform that automatically generates content on your websites. Working on the computer all day is impossible when you run a roofing business, so you want to use the best tools to develop fresh new content from local writers on press release platforms who are professional writers, in want their content shared over the Internet.

Roofing Business Blueprint Plugin 1.4

Here’s a list of the new features:

  • New Content Sources (Online Press Releases, Article Builder, and Home Improvement Directory)
  • Mail Delivery Options (AutoResponder to help stop SPAM folder delivery)
  • Captcha Options (Text-Based or Math-Based captchas – plus the option to disable it entirely)
  • Code Optimizations including Auto-Updater (After this version you will no longer need to download or re-install the plugin)
  • Improved Tag (Keyword) Selections, along with the option to “NOFOLLOW” posted links to help your search engine ranking
  • Enhanced Estimate Mail Formatting for cleaner estimate messages

Updating the plugin only takes a couple minutes:

  1. Login to your WordPress Blog dashboard.
  2. Go to the Plugin section of the dashboard and find “Roofing Business BluePrint Plugin” on the plugin list.
  3. Click Deactivate and then click the new option underneath the plugin name — Delete and then confirm deletion
  4. Upload the new plugin by going to “Add New” at the top of the plugin page, and selecting Upload
  5. Upload the roofingblueprint.zip ZIP file to your blog
  6. Activate the new plugin, and then view your settings. Follow the tutorial video for specific settings, or adjust your settings as desired.
  7. You’re ready to go!

We have added a few different sources to the Roofing Business Blueprint wordpress blog plug-in so your content will automatically get drip fed into your blogs, this is a great way to get new content daily without having to all that work. We always recommend that you have at least two or three of your hand written post which is very important for the search engines, because it is original content. as Bill Gates said years ago content is king, and yes Google still loves fresh new content, especially original new content so don’t just copy someone’s content, use a press release that distributes throughout the in that, and Google loves that because we all want to know about the news-feeds, and press releases about companies.

We Have What You Need – Lead Generating Blogs

roofing business plug-inYou will want to make sure and add this type of plug-in or this technology all of your new blogs, or update your existing blogs with adding this new plug-in for your roofing business. we get brand-new leads every day from the Internet, and everyone today is looking online about businesses before they make a purchase, and more importantly they are looking at reviews online. So once you get a roofing estimate or roofing leads scheduled you will always want to plant the seed about getting referrals after the job is completed. This is the lifeline to your business and you want make sure that you are going to get referrals because they are the best Roofing lead you could ever get a specific roofing business.

You Need Roofing Leads To Survive RIGHT?

original content for your roofing business

What Is A Responsive Roofing Websites

Do you know that blogs get more traffic than most websites combined, and that is because the way they are structured for search engines to find and navigate through the content. With the new platforms that are available they are called responsive roofing websites, and what that does it scales down to percentages your photos, your content in all the items on your website so they are easily viewed on a mobile device. Your roofing business needs to have a mobile website, and our blogs are all searched by mobile devices daily. When you build your websites or blogs you want to make sure you use the right seem that allows this capability of responsive website design, this is the latest and the greatest and you want to catch this wave and we can help you, and we will help you with this new added feature.

sponsor website design and new features for your WordPress

Do You Want Your Business To Grow?

I know you want to this to happen for your business, so stop kicking the tires and get your copy of the roofing business blueprint today. People adjust way around and procrastinate never make it, they will just put off doing anything and never will succeed. Entrepreneurs always use their last dime for the business, and what I mean that is they will buy advertising, a new nail gun or tool needed to get a job completed. The Roofing Business Blueprint is a tool that you need to grow your roofing business online, we have all the tools required to develop your online presence and jump your roofing business to the next level.  Make sure you get your copy today don’t waste any more time thinking about this because now is the time you are going to hit the road running like never before, and will stand beside you through the whole thing.

roofing business WordPress development systemIt’s Time To Make It Happen Are You Ready?

Roofing Business Blueprint

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Roofing Hand Drawn Video Of Your Business Logo

Free Bonus For Roofing Website Builder Customers

RBB-social-media-groupRoofing business website builder is becoming a huge success because of the quality of the products, and all of our clients appreciate quality and I want to thank you for the business. We are offering a special bonus for the second month of the roofing website builder software program, and it is going to be a hand-drawn custom video using your logo. All you have to do is e-mail us a copy of your logo or your website address we can grab your logo and we’ll create a custom video that you can use in your website or upload to YouTube.

You Get A Free Whiteboard Roofing Video

We want you to have all the best to promote your roofing business, and with all the tools we have we can help you promote your business online. We have build a complete website design system that integrates with our online directories which gives you a premium listing. This is unlike anything the roofing business has ever seen before, and because of our incredibly talented PHP software engineer who has worked for the last two months developing over 300,000 lines of code to link this incredibly powerful roofing website builder program, and viral roofing directory.

Home Owners Will Love Your New Video!

Now will talk about what the new monthly features are going to be over the next six months, and we are going to create some incredibly valuable tools and more great products for your roofing business. You know that we only make high quality products, and help you grow your roofing business is our primary goal. Our customer service has always been the most important part of our business model, and during the last few years we have developed high-quality products to help you make the transition into the 21st-century.

Roofing Business Whiteboard Videos

The roofing website builder program also includes some great marketing tools, graphics and many training videos that show you exactly how to get more free roofing leads online. We also have included some private label roofing videos that you can use for your roofing business today, and a comprehensive training series that shows you how to use these videos on YouTube. The course also includes a step-by-step training series that shows you how to create videos using YouTube’s new video manager interface, along with our private label PLR roofing videos to make them unique for your roofing business.

Roofing Whiteboard Video

Never before has anyone offered so much for roofing contractor to be successful online, and we will continue to be the leader for roofing contractors all over the United States and Canada. With the latest technology and software development tools we are on the innovative forefront of many new programs and products to help you launch your business like never before. We run our own roofing business so we know what it takes to be successful, and have created some roofing sales training that is become famous all the last couple years.

Get The Best Roofing Website Builder Software

Now I’m not just trying to brag or say how great we are, because that is not going to help you in any way. I just want to let you know that I also use the same techniques, principles and marketing strategies to promote my roofing business. Some things work extremely well, and also we fail a lot of things as well but that’s how you become successful, you must have failure to become a success. All I’m offering is my successes in the best products I can create that will make it easier for you to get more roofing leads, so you can generate more sales and that’s my only goal for you, to make more money from what we offer.


You must get a copy of the roofing business blueprint website builder program, just to get the knowledge in the listings which are going be incredible for your roofing business. Many other companies charge thousands of dollars a month to get this type of technology and viral online directories which are included in this program. Plus the videos that we include our easily and $997 value, if you’d when out and talk to a video designed production studio you will be paying a lot more money than what were are charging.

You Can Be Successful – Lets Do IT!


Don’t let your competition get a copy of this program before you doing your local area, because we are going to be promoting these online directories that are linked to your new websites. And because of the hundreds of thousands of listings we have in the directories already these websites are getting authority page ranking fast, and Google loves content and that’s all were offering is high quality content so the search engines know that this is the best roofing contractor directories online.

Just Email Me Your Logo or Website Address

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Roofing Estimator Pro Software – Roofing Marketing Update


Great news we just a huge update on Roofing Estimator Pro desktop application and is now available in your downloads center inside the Roofing Business Blueprint. We have made it easier to edit all of your terms and conditions during the setup of your company file, then you can quickly make any changes to your contracts by just editing the text and printing before your customers signature so you make more roofing sales.

New Updates Have Been Added – Download Today!

 This May Be The Most Important Video Of Your Life

Customers have been asking for some more flexibility in editing features, and we always want to help roofing contractors all over the country with building our roofing estimate software programs. You will have to uninstall the previous version of Roofing Estimator Pro before installing the new software. I have included a complete training video how to install the program and then walked you through all of the files inside the Roofing Business blueprint. If you have been putting off making the purchase of the Roofing Business Blueprint now is the time because we have updated everything including adding our Craigslist marketing package which has 20 beautiful banner advertising templates that you can use to promote your roofing business. The second bonus includes this massive marketing package to help you with classified advertising that allows you to tap into this on claimed marketplace with images not used by most roofing companies.

Roofing Contractors Need To Get Organized

We have also updated the inside of the download center that will show you exactly what is included, and we always include the video downloads so you can download the complete files, save them to your computer for future use. All of these banners in our marketing campaigns are fully customizable with PSD formats which are Adobe Photoshop editable. So you can make any of the changes you want to these 20 templates, and we also have included a list of all the images uploaded to our servers so you can copy and paste the code of the image directly into your advertising on Craigslist and Backpage.


Massive Marketing Package & Training Program

Never before has there been a more complete comprehensive marketing platform, roofing software, roofing sales training, video marketing and most importantly a complete package that shows you how to set everything up by putting the right people in place, and then maximizing profits using systems and methods only used by some of the larger roofing contractors in the country. Even if you’re small one-man operation you will have access to over 25 years of proven techniques that David Deschaine has used to generate over $25 million worth of sales in the last 11 years.

Roofing Business Blueprint

If you want to know how to build a roofing business from a small one-man operation, and using methods and techniques to build a sales force with a complete sales training program, having your production staff systematize all of your customer files with the filing structure that not only is easy to understand, anyone can use immediately for their roofing business. Once inside the Roofing Business Blueprint download center you’ll know you have tapped into a Goldmine, and you’ll see why this has become one of the most talked about roofing business systems ever developed.

Never Offered Before To Roofers

After one of the largest recessions in history, and people losing their jobs roofing companies are still generating millions of dollars every year because homeowners always need a new roof, and this is one of the best kept secrets in the home-improvement industry. The change of weather conditions all over the country and the entire world, there is so much storm damage from hail, hurricanes, and tornadoes you will never run out of work. The insurance companies have to take care of their insured homeowners, and you need to make sure that your company is set up with a systematic approach that insurance companies want. Make sure you get a copy of the roofing business blueprint today and don’t put the soft because this offer may be closing at any time to keep all of these methods cutting-edge, and you don’t want your competition to get a copy this before you do because you will be left behind.

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Roofing Business 2013 – 21st Century Roofing Contractors


Roofers Need Google To Become Successful Online –Is Your Roofing Business Google Proof?

Starting a roofing business in 2013 has never been easier because of the vast power of the Internet, and this creates other obstacles such as website designs search engine optimization and online marketing specialties that are needed to promote your roofing business in the 21st-century. Setting up a roofing business is a great way to earn a living helping people with a much needed improvement on the home, and unlike some other home improvements a roof is a necessity not just a cosmetic appearance like vinyl siding or painting of your home.

Taping Into The Local Search Traffic With Websites

We have set up a complete online marketing package that is truly branded targeted for roofing contractors, and we have many software programs, online tools to help you capture your local market share in your geo-demographic location. Once you make the decision to start a roofing business in 2013 you’ll want to check first with the local state ordinances to see what type of licensing may re-required. You will need insurances like workers compensation and public liability insurance at a minimum in any state, and in some states they do require a contractor license, roofing license, home-improvement license to begin open and operate your new roofing business.

Free Targeted Advertising Is A Great Method

The cost to getting started in the 21st-century is a little easier because you don’t need the old standard bricks and mortar storefront operate, what you need is an online showroom to help your potential clients learn about your company. During the set up you will need to have a good understanding of where you want to start your roofing business or if you have an existing business where your target market is. This will be important during the launch of your new websites, single website, blog or planning your social media marketing.

Roofing Business 2013

We Have The Best Roofing Graphics Package

Over the past decade social media marketing has really exploded with some of the first social sites like MySpace and instant messaging like AOL Instant Messenger were some of the first to tap into this social revolution. Over the past 10 years the printed advertising that we used to use with the phonebooks is now becoming digital advertising for the form of websites, blogs and social media platforms. This is great for new roofing companies just getting started because they don’t have to wait for the all-important telephone book to come out to help launch their roofing business. Today roofing companies use a digital phone system were cell phone, create a website and use a web-based roofing software program to keep track of their customer management system, and they now have a fully functioning roofing business that is ready to go and automatically processes new potential clients or roofing customers.

Learn How To Get More Roofing Customers

Creating a business in the United States has never been easier, and has never been more in demand because of the hurricanes, change in weather patterns during the last 10 years. People always will need a new roof on their home, and you will never run out work because the weather doesn’t stop. The cost of raw materials does go up in the last four years our products have more than doubled in cost. But oddly enough some of the roofing contractors have lowered their price during the downturn in the economy. That seems like a recipe for disaster, and if you ask any MBA or accounting firm if that is a good pro-former or sounds like the right way to start or continue to run a roofing business I’m sure the answer will be no.

You Will Sell More If You Get More Roofing Leads – Right?

Initially when you start a roofing business you will need to have all the questions answered that will help you in the early years, and this can save so much time and money. Working with the Roofing Business Blueprint in the business methods and ideas that are included you will be able to avoid unseen risks or problems that may have arisen if you are not aware of the potential problem. We don’t have all the answers but we do have 25 years worth of experience that has been written and well documented in the Roofing Business Blueprint program and now we have added to the family our roofing business website builder and this will help you quickly launch your online marketing campaigns, and set up free marketing on some of best websites that get billions of views a month.

Don’t Let Your Competition Get Ahead Of You

Now it’s time for you to take charge of your roofing business or if you had been thinking about getting started in the roofing business we have everything you need to start today. Click on the add to cart button so you can take advantage of this powerful new platform, and tap into the Roofing Business Blueprint so you can streamline all of your business systems which are proven easy-to-use method. This is exactly what you need so take advantage of the knowledge inside before your competition does.

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